Avid Sportsman Gets Fed Up with Small Game and Seeks Out Experts the World Over…

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Inside this complimentary, ground-breaking video, avid sportsman Jason Eastwood reveals:
  • How he became fed up with average results and went on a quest for the holy grail of hunting and fishing…what he learned will make you drunk with excitement.
  • Learn exactly how some sportsmen score big game every time out of the box and why others don’t.
  • Exposed for the first time ever secrets of some of America’s most elite sportsmen and their most well guarded secrets
  • Discover the secrets every bass fishermen needs to know for catching bass that start at 13lbs and why not knowing is like fishing for perch…not that there’s anything wrong with perch if that’s what you prefer…but they sure aren’t bass
  • Apply an insider’s expose on how to predict the patterns of white-tail deer in a manner that guarantees a 140 score or better for your  trophy wall.
  • Hear the never before revealed secrets of the Catfish King who has consistently broke State records for fish but has never come forward for fear of his honey holes being found out…(*Record catch as shown in picture is 87lbs!)
  • Everything you need to know about hawk hunting, bobcat trapping, turkey hunting and more all from the world’s most elite sportsmen
  • Get the elite sportsman’s edge today


And much, much more…


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